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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Trust in the least of saints

"Next to its love for the chief of sinners, the most touching thing about the religion of Christ is its trust in the least of saints." Henry Drummond in City without a Church

I love this line from the book by Henry Drummond. It is both encouraging and frightening to me realizing that God has entrusted me with this unbelievable treasure - Christ in me. In so doing he has given me everything that I need for my life and to live it godly in this world. He has given me the very Word of God deep within my soul, and he gives me strength to face my most difficult challenges with the power of Christ on the inside. He also has entrusted me with what in essence is the cure to all of the worlds "sicknesses and diseases" in that Christ brings life to all who receive him. He has entrusted to me the very answer to men's deepest needs and that which will prepare them for eternity. He has entrusted this to me, the least of saints.

So the question is this. Do I live in the power of that trust he has in me or do I squander the treasure within? Fear causes me to recoil, but his love within my heart beckons me onward. If God knows all then he knows his trust in me must not be in vain, therefore, I go on!