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Thursday, February 1, 2007


It has been quite awhile since last I wrote in this blog. But a lot of things have most certainly taken place in this journey of mine. A couple of words can express the things that have marked this journey of late.

Simplify - It is the most difficult thing for me to do simplify. It is much easier for me to complicate my life than to simplify. Pre-fall I worked two jobs and co-pastored a church and lead a developing missional community spearheading a missional food pantry. Of course that is in addition to family life. Needless to say I was also getting some counselling ... obviously needing my head examined. Today I am down to one job and leading Common Heart Missional Community.

Family - For years my pursuits especially in the arena of Christianity have put my family far behind my desires. What I mean is that my ministry determined where we attended church, for instance, rather than the needs of my wife and boys. We began a search for a new church home that would provide age appropriate ministry and community for my two boys. In so doing we were surprised to find a people with a similar heart, a movement, a church called Threshold.

Desert - As my life has changed, working an hour away from home, away from mi amigos in the journey, I have sensed a longing for connection, a yearning for relationship. Over some time I have realized that this has highlighted the dryness of my soul and my thirst for God. A strong sense of being alone is uneasy for me. But in this desert - this dark and dry place God has promised to provide springs of water. So I want to learn to love this place, and cultivate it, and keep it in my sojourning heart as a place to meet God.

Just a short update from the journey.

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