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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moving ....

As I got ready to go to bed last night I was thinking how glad I was to be done moving! I hate moving! Deb and I have had some really great friends, Uri, Alex, Paul, Scott, Harry, Rickey, Sean, and of course my parents and my boys Kyril & Bene helping us out big time! THANKS SO MUCH! We have worked hard over the past couple weeks. Although I have a couple items in my garage .. a couple benches, some paint, a couple cabinets we have to take off the wall, we are done. I was so glad to be done . . . But then I remembered, as I climbed into my bed, THE ATTIC! I forgot about the attic. I am not looking forward to it. What should I do with all that old stuff up there? I should probably just toss it all out, without even looking at it. It's so tempting! Instead, we will probably move it on over.

We have moved to my parents' house. We have been talking with them about it for well over a year. My parents love their home. They have tried to sell it a couple times so they could buy a smaller home with a first floor master bedroom. It has never sold. Truth be told, I think my Dad has been praying against its sale. It's a great house on an acre and they have spent a lot of time making it their own. In the spring we decided to move a head with the plans for us to move into the second floor after they built a new master bedroom addition on the first floor. It just seems to make sense as my parents finish our their 7th decade.

As I have thought a little about the move, the attic, the boxes to unpack, and all the stuff that right now is piled into the garage at our new abode, I realize anew how much useless stuff is hanging around, cluttering up space, and pulling me down. And I don't mean just the stuff in the garage! There is so much from the past that has to be sorted through. Some of it stored away. Some of it cherished. Some of it needing to be resurrected to find a renewed place of prominence. But most of it just needs to be tossed, recycled, or sold! As I go through my past and all the stuff I have accumulated I hope to be able to not only organize my outside life toward simplicity, but my inner man as well toward the simplicity of following Jesus!

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