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Friday, November 7, 2008

Common Cupboard - A Jesus Moment

Last month I got an email from Kathleen McDonald. Kathleen and her family are one of the teams of people from about 15 local churches that use Common Cupboard to touch people with God's love. As Kathleen's story indicates those who serve are also touched with God's love and transformed in the process. Would you be available to be an agent of Christ's Gospel and share his love through delivering groceries? We can easily use 5 more teams this month!

I just had to share my experience this morning when I was delivering meals for Common Cupboard! The first Sat of each month we deliver food to 5 families in the Monroe area. Kevin and Kiely are out of town on a YMCA Father/Daughter camping trip. I didn't want our folks to go without their groceries so I decided to deliver "solo".

I am so grateful that I did! The first stop is a family of 5+ kids in a tiny, dirty, and dilapidated house. The kids must have been waiting by the door because they came running out when they saw my car.

Since we had the food drive at church a few weeks ago they received considerably more than usual and were very grateful.

The 9 year old little girl looked up at me and said "You are so nice to be giving us this food." I replied "The food isn't from me sweet girl. It is from a bunch of churches around this area and we want you to know that Jesus loves you."

She replied "Jesus loves the little children, doesn't he?" and I replied "Yes He does love all the children and He even loves grown ups too. Is that so cool?"

The little girl agreed and we proceeded to unload their stuff. As we were finishing up the children thanked me again for coming and the 9 year old girl called out to me "I love you!"

I don't even know this child's name but I replied "I love you too angel" and then her sisters and 2 year old brother started saying "I love you" to me.

Oh my gosh. I am wrecked! I drove away bawling like a baby and 3 hours later I am crying as I write this.

I feel like I have been given the precious gift of experiencing a real "Jesus" moment. During the exchange with those children my heart was overflowing with a warmth that I cannot put into words. All I could think was...these innocent and sweet children have hearts that are open to love unconditionally...just like the heart of the Lord loves each one of us .. unconditionally.

I then committed to learn the names of the people in that household and pray for them. My "rescuer" tendencies wants to take over and find them a better place to live, better jobs for the parents etc., but I realize I cannot save them from their economic situation. What I can do, is consistently pray that the Lord will meet them where they are. I do not know if they are believers, but I will pray they will all come to know Jesus as their Savior. The needs are great especially right now.

I noticed in a recent bulletin that there are still a few openings with Common Cupboard to deliver meals. In doing this each month, Kevin and I have realized how fortunate we are to be living as we do. In serving others, we are the ones who are "fed". Folks at our church need to get out of their comfort zone and commit to helping once a month and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. I have a strong inclination that they will not be disappointed!

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