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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Contemplation and Missional Activism

"Through the years I have notice that among the people most dedicated to missional activism, you find either (a) people burned out because of the difficulty of the task, or (b) people who have learned to undedrgrid their activism with contemplation, with quiet resting, finding God in the center of normalcy -- including the normalcy of struggle and hard work. "  (Brian McLaren, a Generous Orthodoxy, pg 197)
I ran into this observation while re-reading Brian's book.  It kind of sums up my experience and longings in relation to my own missional activism through Common Heart / Common Cupboard.  The only difference is I am both of the people he describes.  I guess kind of a schizophrenic amalgamation, a burn out / contemplative.   Maybe I am a slightly chard wanna be monk struggling to find that place of Shalom in the busyness of 21st century America.

Too often I am losing it.  I feel the flames flaring out.  And as I do I find comfort in prayer, scripture meditation, my daily rhythm, listening to the Bible,  and reading spiritually supportive books.  One area I lack, that I think would certainly help me, is to connect more with folks who are traveling a similar journey.

With all that in mind I have begun to set aside Sunday 6pm - 8pm for Vespers (Evening Prayer) and Scripture Meditation at The Commonplace.  It is not really something that Common Heart is doing.  It is really just me and anyone who wants to join me.  I want to take this time to focus, lifting up my heart to the Lord allowing him to restore, form, and fill.  

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