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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog more

Strange thing about blogging. It can be just the random thoughts of the day. It could be a well thought out treatise on the Christian life. It could be more on my own dreams. It could be sharing the dreams, thoughts, words of others as I journey though this life.

One of my problems with blogging is that I want it to be significant. But the reality of life is that we often have no idea what is significant until we have traveled down the road a little more. The past sets the course of the future. And sometimes, if we have not placed a marker on the road, when we get to the place we realize that something significant has just taken place, we don't quite know what random thought, chance meeting, or slight adjustment of course it was that though seemingly insignificant at the time, led us to this significant place.

Hence, my post yesterday about blogging more. I know I had some potentially significant thoughts, dreams, understandings, and experiences, but I can not access them out of my memory. Some of these things that I try to hold in the hard drive between my ear, may need to find a new home right here.

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Steve K. said...

I, for one, hope you blog more in Twenty-Ten, Keith, FWIW. Especially if it's therapeutic and/or meaningful/helpful for you in processing things. If it's just another time-suck, then don't stress it ;-) I'd just love to read more of your thoughts on a regular basis. Keep on keeping on!