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Friday, January 1, 2010

Blog Regularly

Blog more ... This I know I can do. From July to December 30, I did not write a word on this blog. So blogging more is easy ... I have just done it.

But blogging regularly, that is a discipline. A friend of mine, Jeff Gardner, is the pastor of Threshold Church in Matthews. Now he blogs regularly at Every Thursday a new post, and in the past couple months he posts notes on Monday from his Sunday talks. So each Monday and Thursday a new edition is available. Good stuff too.

I mentioned the word discipline. I don't particularly care for it, to tell you the truth. I usually see the discipline of doing anything as constricting. I like to believe I am free and spontaneous. But the reality is I am not. I am constantly pushed by the many demands upon my life. Some are relentless. Some are just what I got to do. Others seem to scream out with urgency. Truthfully, I am not as free and spontaneous as I like to believe. Rather, I am driven by circumstances much more often that I care to admit. What discipline really does is make room for what I consider important. If I don't intentionally carve out time for these truly important things, my life will crowd them out. Some of the things I value highly are prayer, meditation, dreaming, spending time with my family, reading good thought provoking books, and putting my thoughts into words. So the discipline of regularity is more of a way to carve out time for what energizes and renews me.

So what will blogging regularly look like for me? Don't know yet! I would love to blog daily, but several times a week is probably a good rhythm for me. Let me think on it and I will get back to you.

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