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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Wed, and I haven't blogged yet

Well before Deb Hamm writes me a note on Facebook, I figure I had better write a blog post. I have good reason to fall behind this week. It has finally been busy at work. That is a very good thing! But it tires me out. Then Monday night we went to see Avatar with our cell-mates. Yesterday, I got home at 10 pm after visiting 2 friends. I am not trying to make excuses ... well, I am sort of.

But the thought about Deb sending me another prodding note, has proved enough to encourage me to write. Isn't that interesting.? Deb spurred me on to a good work the other day, and that nudge is stillworking a couple days later.

So, with that in mind. What good thing do you want to do? I want to encourage you ... prod ... or nudge you today to do it. Go public with it by mentioning it to a friend, or maybe post it as a response to this blog post. And let's encourage each other. We all need a little push now and then to do good things.

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